Meet ANGELA: (age 30-50*) Christmas enthusiast, proprietor of Smalle’s Christmas Tree Farm and acting director of the Smalltowne Community Players and really likes to be in control.


Meet EVELYN: Angela’s long-lost sister. Hates (and fears) sappy, classic Christmas everything. Evelyn has an axe to grind and thinks of herself very highly. "I am AWESOME" is always post-it noted to her bathroom mirror. A mighty wind may or may not follow her on every entrance and exit.


Meet RUSSELL: (age 20-50*) Evelyn’s attorney. An ambiguous bundle of fabulous, Russell has secretly always wanted to spread joy through the dance.


Meet DALE: (age 45-75*) Works on Angela’s Christmas tree farm. He has a need to be around folks, so is an active member of the Smalltowne Community Players. He is a little set in his ways and has NO idea who the Kardashians are.

Meet RENEE: (age 45-75*) The art teacher at Smalltowne Elementary. She’s an active member of the church, takes in sewing work on the side and is an avid Britney Spears fan.


Meet young ALEX:  (old enough to play 12*) A young kid with an old soul. Instead of playing video games, Alex has chosen to read books about cultural advancement while working as a library page at the Smalltowne Public Library. A good kid.

*Age ranges indicate that the characters can be played by actors at a variety of ages per creative choice.